All Items Hand Painted & Made-To-Order


Gary Bigeni pushes the limits of fashion as individual expression through his custom made-to-order fine art collections.


Wearable Art

Each piece is individually hand-painted. Own a wearable artwork where individual variation is not only expected, it is desired.

Our Ethos


Pieces are gender neutral and offered in sizes 6-18. All people should have the opportunity to truly express themselves and feel confident in doing so. Including the little ones! Gary Bigeni has recently launched a kids collection.



To minimise industry waste, Gary Bigeni only accepts pre-orders. This ensures only what is needed is produced and gives Gary the time to create each unique piece by hand, bringing new meaning to the term ‘slow fashion’.

Eco-Certified Cotton

Gary Bigeni believes that sustainable business practices begin at concept and do not end until delivery of the final garment. This includes the sourcing of eco-certified cotton, working with small scale ethical manufacturers and gift-wrapping each piece in cloth remnants.

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