Gary Bigeni pushes the limits of fashion as individual expression through his custom made-to-order fine art collections.
Original designs are hand painted by Gary directly onto ethically sourced eco-cotton, then made in very limited production runs using sustainable manufacturing practices. Intended to last a life-time, all pieces are gender neutral and designed to reflect the distinctive personality of the wearer.
  Even as a young Maltese boy living in Sydney, Australia with his three siblings and mother, creativity was always present for Gary Bigeni. As a child he would sneak into his mother’s wardrobe and cut large circles out of the bottom of her dresses so he could create collections for his GI Joes and Barbies. Years later, following fashion training at East Sydney Tech, Gary Bigeni launched his eponymous label and secured himself as part of the Australian fashion cohort.

With multiple fashion week shows, presentations, artist collaborations and celebrity muses, Bigeni built a reputation for masterful drape, intelligent silhouettes and artful use of colour. Over time, Gary Bigeni’s collections have evolved and bought his tribe of followers with him. Whilst still created on a foundation of masterful fabric manipulation and soft tailoring, his once quiet palette now exudes the vibrance and joy of his own style and personality. Today Gary Bigeni’s girl is the artist. The city dweller, she works hard and plays hard, professional by day and party by night – her effervescence pervades.