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Common Colourful Dresses Australia Problems and How to Solve Them

Every outfit is a gate for self-expression. As the famous saying goes, “you are what you wear.” And it’s no secret that the way you dress sends a lot of non-verbal messages towards the people you meet and see you.

In fact, if you’re meeting a person for the first time, how you dress can really influence first impressions.

Depending on how you dress, you can non-verbally communicate:

  • How much you earn.
  • Your confidence, influence, and power.
  • How formal or professional you are.
  • Your feelings

You can even come across as casual, edgy, flirty or attractive, young, mature, or powerful depending on how you dress.

Bottomline is, it’s easy to express yourself through clothing - not just with its style but also with it’s colours!

In this article, we’ll talk more about the power of colourful clothing in expressing yourself, the common challenges with colourful dresses Australia, and how to solve them.

Why Buy Colourful Dresses Australia?

The way you dress can transmit a lot of information about you, the wearer. It’s a powerful communication tool that shows how you feel, how you want to be perceived, and more.

For example, wearing a bright red business suit could communicate that you’re a passionate person. It could also show that you’re confident or standing in a position of power. Another example would be how colourful kids clothes that uses bright pastel colours can communicate innocence or playfulness.

Here’s a more detailed table for how colourful dresses Australia can make a unique perception of you:




Viewed as a non threatening colour, and can communicate the feeling of calmness, peacefulness, relaxation, stabilit, and reliability.


Attracts a lot of attention and usually associated with love, passion ,and anger.


Communicates the wearer’s feelings of spontaneity, hope, energy, and happiness.


This colour can make you feel grounded, calm, and generous.


A preference in wearing black might suggest that you take yourself seriously, as well as indicates recognition and power.


Wearing purple colourful dresses Australia communicates harmony, creativity and irreverence.


This colour is associated with strength, courage, passion, and beauty.


This colour is vibrant and attention-seeking. It also expresses creativity and fascination. It’s perfect for anyone feeling a bit happy, extroverted, ambitious, and energetic.


Great for expressing purity or innocence.


Ideal for expressing sophistication, simplicity, and minimalism.


The Challenges of Buying and Wearing Colourful Dresses Australia

Despite the obvious benefits of colourful dresses Australia in helping you express yourself and your identity, their manufacturing and use have shown a couple of issues or challenges against the environment, manufacturing workers, and wearers. Here are some of them, along with possible solutions. 

Colourful Dresses Australia Challenge #1 Impact on the Environment Through Textile Dyes Pollution

The dyeing and finishing phases of textile fibre manufacturing can require up to 200 tonnes of water per tonne of textiles manufactured. The water returns to nature along with residual dyes, hazardous chemicals, microfibres, and heavy metals.

The sad part is, most of our fabrics are now colored with synthetic dyes that poison waterways and cause serious health problems for workers worldwide.


Instead of buying clothese that uses synthetic dyeing solutions, buy clothes that are sourced from nature and cultivated through traditional techniques. They’re kinder on the environment, manufacturing workers, and wearers. At the same time, they still add a pop of colour to the dress styles you love.

Some of these natural dyeing solutions include Mali’s Bogolan Mud Dyeing, Japan’s Shibori Dyeing, and India’s Ayurvedic Dyeing.

Colourful Dresses Australia Challenge #2 Negative Impact on People and Animals

Many synthetic textile dyes used for manufacturing fast fashion colourful dresses Australia are carcinogenic, like Azo Dyes. That means they can seriously harm the health of workers that manufacture them, along with the animals and humans that come in contact with them.

Synthetic dyes like Azo Dyes are water-soluble. They’re easy to get absorb in your skin as a wearer, and could lead to symptoms like skin and eye irritation.


The obsession of society on fast fashion drives the clothing industry with its cycle of continuous buying and disposing too soon. So to lower the demand for fast fashion clothing that uses synthetic dyes, it’s important to shift the support towards sustainable fashion. Buy second-hand or vintage clothes, and support slow fashion brands. Be conscious and intentional about the clothes you buy, and practice care to help them last longer.

Colourful Dresses Australia Challenge #3 Dye Transfer and Colour Fading

Dye transfer and color fading are some of the common challenges with buying colourful dresses and clothing. They either transfer their colour to another garment during laundering in the washing machine, or lose their colour overtime due to bleeding, exposure to bleach, or intense sunlight.


Most of these problems are due to how the clothing was manufactured or mishandling of the consumer. To stop this from happening, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Engage with a reliable clothing provider.
  • Don’t expose clothes excessively to hot water.
  • Don’t overcrowd the washer to control rough treatment on your coloured fabrics
  • Don’t overuse bleaching products.
  • Skip harsh detergents.
  • Don’t overexpose in the sun or heat.

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