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Indisputable Reasons to Love Australian Slow Fashion Brands

Indisputable Reasons to Love Australian Slow Fashion Brands

The major benefit of Australian slow fashion brands is sustainable fashion. It may seem clear and well known to most, there are innumerable more advantages with deeper significance to slow fashion. We at Gary Bigeni want to discuss 10 reasons to love Australian slow fashion brands that go beyond sustainability as a result.

Imagine yourself in the circumstance of needing to choose between a high-end t-shirt and a low-cost, standard t-shirt from a quick fashion firm while making an online purchase of a basic white t-shirt, sustainable, but more costly t-shirt from a slow fashion company. Which do you select? People continue to regularly select the cheaper, fast-fashion item. It's only a plain t-shirt, after all, right? Wrong! Every article of clothing we purchase, regardless of how basic or ostentatious it may be, has an effect on the environment and society.

Although consumers are becoming more conscious of the effects of fashion and the slow fashion movement, sustainability by itself cannot persuade them to pick sustainable clothing over the numerous options for cheaper quick fashion. More than merely sustainability, which is still a hazy idea for many, is what slow fashion must provide. Fortunately, slow fashion is more than simply environmentally friendly.


Reasons Why to Love Australian Slow Fashion Brands



One advantage of purchasing to slow fashion brands is that it reduces consumption as well as the pace of fashion. You might rapidly notice that you're making fewer purchases since you're shopping more carefully and deliberately. In other words, you make fewer, more deliberate purchases. By reducing your consumption, you may make sure that you don't buy fashion goods randomly and in large quantities, which you won't wear very often anyhow, but rather that you buy beautiful, timeless, and long-lasting clothing that you genuinely like. It involves using greater judgment.



The longevity of Australian slow fashion brands’ clothing is the second benefit, which takes us full circle. Fast fashion is made as quickly, cheaply, and poorly as possible. Slow fashion, in contrast, is made with care and to high standards in order to be strong and long-lasting. Simply said, if you purchase a slow fashion item, you can count on it to last you for many seasons and years.



You will ultimately save money, which may not immediately appear to you as a benefit of buying in any Australian slow fashion brands. Despite the fact that slow fashion brands are often more expensive than the typical fast fashion retailers, you would ultimately spend less money since you would purchase fewer garments that would last longer. It all makes sense, right? When we sum up all the cheaply produced products we've purchased, we realize how much money we could have saved by stocking up on stylish, long-lasting items from our favorite sustainable businesses instead of wasting it on quick fashion.



Naturally, reducing our consumption ensures that our influence on the environment is maintained to a minimum. Australian slow fashion brands assist us in conserving resources, reducing CO2 emissions, and reducing our overall environmental and climate change effect.



Slow fashion has the added benefit of protecting seas and aquatic life, which is another benefit associated to water. Why? Because unlike synthetic textiles like polyester, slow fashion is mostly constructed of natural and biodegradable materials that do not emit microplastics when washed. Additionally, slow fashion frequently forgoes the use of plastic packaging, which reduces additional waste.



Additionally, slow fashion saves a ton of freshwater. Fast fashion also makes a significant contribution to freshwater shortages and water pollution, even though agriculture utilizes over 70% of all available freshwater. And although though we can only drink a small portion of the water on Earth, the manufacturing and dyeing procedures for fast fashion waste valuable freshwater. Then, to make matters worse, this water is discharged back into the environment as tainted waste water. The impact on biodiversity and water resources is lessened by slow fashion since it restricts the flow of waste water into rivers and lakes.



Fast fashion, as we've already discussed, focuses on creating clothing as rapidly, widely, and affordably as feasible. Furthermore, even if it is specifically for us, individuals on the opposite side of the globe pay a very expensive price. You've undoubtedly previously heard of allegations of people, including minors, working in fast fashion firms' factories under abusive circumstances. Contrarily, the slow fashion movement advocates for honest, open, and safe working conditions.



Finally, but most importantly, style is a key factor in choosing slow fashion. Because Australian slow fashion brands are not only environmentally friendly, but also quite fashionable. Slow fashion appeals with a timeless and simplistic aesthetic since it is often meant to last. Fast fashion, in contrast, frequently produces items that are not visible on the streets and chases the newest trends. As a result, slow fashion allows you to create your own sense of style that always looks excellent.



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