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6 Up-and-Coming Design Trends and Inspiration for Gender Neutral Clothing Australia

We frequently consider the clothes we wear to be a means of manifesting our gender identity; but what if you resist the gender stereotypes when it comes to the clothes you choose to wear? If the point of fashion is to ultimately portray oneself, then any label or item of clothing should be fair game when it comes to establishing your personal style. But the long-standing classifications of "men's clothing" and "women's clothing" in the fashion industry—along with all of the laden gender standards that come with them—can make it difficult for individuals to define themselves through their clothing choices. Thus, an increase in gender-neutral and fluid labels making elevated pieces that you can enjoy regardless of how you perceive as a gendered person is the new in. These younger generations, who are attempting to break down the barriers of gender norms in fashion, have been more and more receptive of this approach in recent years through gender neutral clothing Australia.

The current fashions are reminiscent of the fashion trends of the 1990s in the sense that they imitate the proportions and patterns that were popular during those seasons; nevertheless, there is one significant distinction between the two. The experts say that the urge to compensate for the Covid-19 lockdown is behind the reimagining of classic fashions in ways that are more loose, big, and vibrant in colour than anything else that we have ever seen. However, given the length of time that has passed since we were in that era, gender neutral clothing Australia has become a benchmark of its own style in the fashion scene.

In light of this, here are some emerging fashion trends and outlets of reference for gender neutral clothing Australia.

1. Utility Trend

The utility fashion trend is for garments to have pockets, and not just one or two pockets, but multiple pockets. Whether it be on blouses, blazers, pants, or the type of trousers that change into shorts, it may be found on all of these items. This should not come as a surprise given that the current trend in fashion is towards an androgynous or gender neutral clothing Australia.

2. Juxtaposition

The fashion trend known as juxtaposition involves combining and contrasting not only the distinct components of an outfit but also the entirety of the outfit itself. This season's fashion trend is all about combining different elements, such as materials, designs, colours, styles, etc., to create a look that is truly one of a kind.

There is an emerging trend in gender neutral clothing Australia that combines silk pleats with denim patchwork, cotton and denim swatches, and a rainbow of bright hues to make your day bright and lively.

3. Boiler Suits

This year, this one-and-done hero item has been seen everywhere, from the runways to your favourite budget retailers. It is a statement piece that can be worn multiple ways. Because all of us already have a lot on our minds at the moment, this solution is not only simple and trendy, but it also eliminates the strain that comes with having to choose between a pair of pants and a shirt.

One of the numerous game-changing technologies that emerged as a result of the Industrial Revolution was the one-zip garment, which was traditionally constructed from strong canvas or denim. When it comes to boiler suits, convenience and usability are at the top of the priority list.

4. Colour Gradation

The colour blocking trend in gender neutral clothing Australia, which is yet another derivation of the juxtaposition movement, will reach its pinnacle in the year 2022. Many people are going absolutely bonkers over this fad, from models to celebs to YouTubers. In addition, colour blocking, which has already made an appearance quite a few times, is going to become progressively trendy and will soon be seen in the closets of virtually everyone.

5. Bulky Trench Coats 

What could be more regal, audacious, and on-trend for gender neutral clothing Australia than a big, bulky, and enormous trench coat? Since the 1950s, males have gracefully led the trend that is just now beginning to emerge in the fashion business for women as well.

These trench coats are going to be ideal for the spring and winter seasons of the year that is about to begin as well as the two years that will follow it.

6. Vest

Vests have, for a very long time, played an important position in men's fashion, both for functional reasons and as an integral component of suits. Vests did not become a common component of women's wardrobes until the 1970s, when they were first worn as a form of casual business dress and quickly gained popularity.

It wasn't until the late 1990s and the early 2000s that vests became an acceptable piece of clothing for women to wear as part of their regular attire. The rest, as they say, is history since ever since then, vests have been ubiquitous on the runways and in everyday life.

To say that the vest is iconic would be an understatement, and it is still very much in vogue in 2022 for gender neutral clothing Australia. However, you should avoid wearing a vest that is the focal point of an attire as part of a three-piece suit.

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