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Made to Order Fashion: Finding New Appeal in The Age of Mass Fashion

Finding the ideal dress when you need it is practically difficult if you wait until the evening before a black-tie event. When purchasing clothing in a physical store, the customer may handle and feel the items. However, what you have in mind, such as a specific color, style, or fabric, might not be accessible. Finding it can be a fruitless endeavor. This is one of the reasons why made to order fashion became mainstream these days.

Traditionally, only customized and couture customers have had the option of ordering the item specifically for them. Individualized patterns can take a lot of time and money to create. Some buyers can fly to other places and get affordable personalized apparel created there. However, not everyone is able to travel there or desires to take time off work for fittings in the hopes that the final result will live up to their aspirations.

Another option has been made possible by technological advancements: affordable mass customization of apparel for the middle class. Companies may offer a range of designs and fits for just a little bit more than comparable off-the-rack costs thanks to sizing algorithms and e-commerce. Online shoppers can now purchase made to order fashion apparel, gender neutral clothing, sustainable fashion.

Made to order fashion trend has become increasingly popular over the past ten years on all e-commerce levels, from one-person shops to large manufacturers. Additionally, it draws in clients of all ages. Some people are seeking for a deal from a business that keeps its costs down by not having a physical location. Others are willing to pay more, often by 25% more, to experience vintage women's couture and custom men's clothing.

The popularity of online made to order fashion demonstrates that consumers have a strong need for personalized clothing. Although purchasing these products online isn't expected to cause a disruption in the retail sector, it is evident that clothes retailers are hard at work developing fresh, cutting-edge strategies to go beyond the confines of the conventional brick and store experience. Some retailers have embraced the made to order fashion as aspirational luxury trend by offering custom fit, which uses consumers' online measurements to create clothing that fits according to their size and preferences. Others use a menu of options that can be combined in a variety of ways to modify style and produce a one-of-a-kind final result. Some people combine the two.



High-caliber items

Each item you purchase has been created with a lot of love. The designer genuinely cares about your unique experience and wants to demonstrate that there is an industry other than rapid fashion. Every hand made to order fashion designer we have encountered would be more than delighted to take the thing back and correct it for you even if there was a minor issue with the manufacture of the item. This will ensure that you keep it for many years to come and greatly aids in maintaining a connection between you and the maker of your clothing.


Since it’s made to order fashion, there is always the chance to message the designer and request minor adjustments. Within reason, anything is typically feasible, whether it has to do with dimensions or a minor personal detail. Have you ever tried anything on at a store and thought, "I would love it so much more if it were that much shorter/longer/darker/etc." You can finally achieve your goals and quit daydreaming. Made to order fashion brands have a huge array of gender neutral clothing and dark to colourful clothing.

Real clothing that fits you

You finally find clothing that fits. There are so many different body types, sizes, and height variances to consider. Clothing is manufactured for women who are at least 5 feet 5 inches tall. Nothing about it makes sense. There are those who struggle with being extremely tall and plus size; however, tall and plus size clothing is never available. It may not be exactly what you're looking for, even if you find a brand that sells garments that do fit you. There shouldn't be limitations simply because different body types exist. Everybody has the opportunity to select clothes they like that truly fit them and are tailored to your preferences thanks to made to order fashion. You can essentially get anything you desire, from specific loose-fitting dresses to bum-hugging pants.

Sustainable fashion

Thanks to made to order fashion, everyone has the option to choose garments that actually fit them and are customized to your preferences. Everything is practically available, from specific loose-fitting gowns to bum-hugging jeans.

Made to order fashion also make it simpler for manufacturers to steer clear of quickly changing fashion fads. Timeless individual pieces that are not quite as inexpensive to make but are definitely worth the investment due to their originality and durability are created if part of the collection is customized and can therefore be fitted to the needs of the buyer.

Making sustainable clothing

It will truly help you to get that one piece that is lacking from your wardrobe if the business you choose would create anything you desire from scratch. You'll eventually be able to organize your wardrobe exactly how you want. Just because something is sustainable doesn't mean it has to be dull. You have so many alternatives in the realm of made-to-order clothing, and it's far simpler to represent your individual style there than it is to adopt the trends that fast fashion companies establish.

Good for the environment

The fashion industry could become more sustainable thanks to made to order fashion. Companies save tens of thousands of tons of materials, CO2, and wastewater by customizing apparel, accessories, and shoes. Additionally, it lessens the possibility that the manufacturer may become bogged down by a pile of unsalable dead stock. For both manufacturers and end users, made to order fashion has many advantages.
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